October 1998 Updates

Thursday the 1st

All right I've finally moved into my October Updates Page!!!!

Anyway I put up the Backstreet Boys Lyrics page, although there are no lyrics there yet. But there will be!!!

A while from now though.

But as a result the Site Map is yet again updated.

Anyway I removed the Emmy Nominations from The X-Files and Friends page, because it's been long enough. I did leave the wins in the Awards section though.

I added a picture of Now Is The Time to the Alanis Lyrics page.

And that was about it.

If anyone knows of anywhere I can get a MIDI of Thank U by Alanis Morissette, please Sign My Guestbook.



Saturday the 3rd


A whole lot of little updates today, it took me a long time to get this done today.

I put up some more pictures on the Push Picture Gallery. Thanx to ABC.com, This Girl is Out of This World, and A Little About Adam Trese.

I fixed some links on the Backstreet Boys Lyrics Page; as well as putting up the lyrics for Everybody.

I added a Useless fact.

I added a couple of pictures in the Alanis Lyrics section.

I updated the Credits.

I added a couple of Alanis links and awards.

I made a lot of little updates on the Push page and the Push Character Page. Mostly about the actors/actresses, but also some links (they do exist), and stats about the show.

I added a guest star to the Friends page.

I added a link to MuchMoreMusic on the Links page.

I added a section on the Push page for Interviews and articles about the show/cast.

I've already added one, an article-like thing on/by Eddie Mills and his being in 'Sabrina goes to Rome.'

And finally (whew!) I updated the site map because of the Eddie Mills article thing.

That's it!


Sunday the 4th

Not as much today, but still some updates.

I added a counter to the Eddie Mills article thing.

I added a couple of lyrics to the BSB page (thanks to Aundrea Marsh).

I added a cast credit to the Dawson's Creek page (Jason Behr of Push will be in it in November).

Also I added an Interview of Jason Behr to the Push page

And I updated the Push page with a bunch of other stuff.


Monday the 5th

Some stuff today. The teachers decided to take a one day strike today so I had some time to update!

I updated the Push character page; I added a previously overlooked character/actress: Gwen/Audrey Wasilewski.

Sorry, she was just left out of all the cast lists, and totally ignored by ABC on it's site, and there was like no information on her, so I left her out. But I found a little, so she's there now.

I also added guest stars to the Push page.

I fixed a link on the Site Map.

I corrected the lyrics to Thank U on the Alanis Lyrics page.

I added a counter to the Jason Behr Interview.

I added a webring to the BSB Lyrics page.

I also added some pictures of Alanis in Ironic to that page; I think thanks go to MTV, but I'm not quite sure (I founf the QuickTime Video on my comp. somewhere).

Also, I've got the weekly traffic report:

This is the amount of hits the following pages received in one week:

Alanis 248; Alanis Lyrics main 170; All Saints 24 (not bad for an almost non-existant page); Lyrics to the Album Alanis 34; City of Angels etc Lyrics 18; Jagged Little Pill Etc. Lyrics 45; Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie Lyrics 25; Unreleased Alanis Lyrics 13; Alanis/DC article 15; Backstreet Boys page 106; Credits 15; Dawson's Creek 192; Dawson's Character Page 48; Friends 105; Guestbook Sign 22 (although not that many ended up signing); Links 5; Main (mjenn.htm) 75; Push 44; Push Review #1--2; "" #2--5; ""#3--4; ""#4--1; ""#5--1; ""#6--1; Push Characters 18; Site Map 11; August Updates 18; September 4; October 2; Updates Entrance 6; Useless facts 14; Fonts 1; Geocities Entrance 2; Push Picture Gallery 14.

The following pages were put up last week and have received this total traffic (as of Sunday around 10):

BSB Lyrics 7; Lyrics to the album Backstreet Boys 2; Backstreet's Back Lyrics 4; Unreleased BSB Lyrics 3; Eddie Mills Article thing 1; Jason Behr Interview Counter being put up tonight.

Anyway that's about it!!!!


PS If you have trouble accessing my site in the next few days, that's because our Internet subscription thing ran out a few days ago and nobody told us. So we managed to have them let us go for a few days, because they forgot to tell us (bad WarpLink). So if there are any problems, just come back in a few days.

Tuesday the 6th


We forgot to pay the bill we didn't know we had and our account got terminated!!!!

So my whole page disappeared!!!!!

Anyway it's back now, sorry for any inconvenience.

I haven't touched the All Saints page in more than a month. I hope I can get some time later, sorry about that.

Anyway I put some more pictures in the Push Picture Gallery.

I added some Backstreet Boys Lyrics, thanx again to Aundrea.

I updated the Push character web (actor information and the like).

And that's about it!


Thursday the 8th

Please don't leave mean messages in my Guestbook. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Anyway I updated the Push page (I actually found a picture of Audrey Wasilewski!), with a bunch of other stuff too. I put up some more pictures in the Picture Gallery too. I will have Gwen's last name soon, as soon as I can figure out my writing. (It's either Sheridan or Stanton or something like that).

I updated the credits.

And finally I put some more credits on The X-Files page.


Friday the 9th

Not much today, I put up Gwen's last name on the Push page as well as the Push Characters Page.


Saturday the 10th

I put up some Backstreet Boys Lyrics, I also organised the Alanis and BSB pages (they needed 'Back To Top's).

Also, I put up sub-text for the main page links. So if you move your mouse over the thing and then away It'll say a little thing about it!

Finally I separated the X-Files Page into The X-Files TV Show and The X-Files Movie.


Sunday the 11th

I updated the Push Character Page with Adam Trese Bio info.

I added pictures of him to the Push Gallery.

I added a few Alanis Lyrics.

I changed some META tags on some pages.

I changed the background sound on the X-Files Movie Page, as well as adding counters to the newly split pages.

And that's about it!


Monday the 12th

Thanksgiving and I have to work, how fair is that.

Anyway I fixed the back to top links on the Alanis page.

I added META Tags to the Push Reviews

I made a really small update on the Push Character Page.

I've decided to give up on the All Saints Page. If I have time during Christmas Break, I might work on it, but otherwise I just don't have the time. I'm still going to leave it there though, so you can look at what's there.

I made a small change on the Backstreet Boys page.

I added a Useless Fact

And Finally I changed the main page again.


Wednesday the 14th

I changed the Friends title picture.

I updated the Push characters page, as well as the picture gallery.

I added a Push Review, and as a result changed the site map.

I made a small Alanis update, and that's about all


PS the Traffic report for last week is coming soon. I've been too busy lately to do the math and type it up. I have the numbers though!

Friday the 16th

Sorry for the lesser updates, been working and other stuff.

I added some lyrics to the BSB lyrics, and did something with the Alanis Lyrics.


Saturday the 17th


I actually had a couple of hours today!

Anyway here's the traffic report which I've been meaning to give you. This is for the week of October the 5th to 11th.

Here we go:

Alanis Morissette: 92 (that's dramatically increased this week), Alanis Lyrics: 55, All Saints: 16, Lyrics to Alanis: 6, Lyrics to City of Angels etc: 14, Lyrics to JLP etc: 10, Lyrics to SFIJ: 18, Lyrics to unreleased Alanis songs: 8, Alanis/DC article: 2, Backstreet Boys: 49, Lyrics to Backstreet Boys: 2, Lyrics to Backstreet's Back: 7, Lyrics to unreleased BSB songs: 2, Credits: 4, Dawson's Creek: 87, DC Characters: 27, Friends: 49, Guestbook Sign: 16, Links: 6, Main page (the counter isn't working right): 33, Push: 74, Review 1: 3, 2: 1, 3: 6, 4: 1, 5: 3, 6: 1, 7: Counter just put up tonite, Eddie Mills Article: 6, Jason Behr Article: 2, Push Characters: 20, Site Map: 1, Updates: August: 4, September: 1, October: 4, Entrance: 2, Useless Facts: 15, The X-Files Main Page: 27, The X-Files Show and movie counters pre-set to 700 (the approximate amount shown on the main X-Files page before it was split), Fonts: 7, Geocities Entrance: 3, Push Picture Gallery: 50

Okay updates:

Put a counter on Push review 7.

Made a small update on the Push page.

Made a couple small changes on the Don't Drink the Water Lyrics, on the Alanis Lyrics page.

Added Get Down (AJ's rap) to the Backstreet Boys Lyrics page (I added the album version yesterday).

I made quite a few little updates on the Dawson's Creek page (We finally got a new episode here). (I can't believe they expect us to belive that that picked up right from the end of last season).

I added a news section the Alanis page, about SFIJ and Thank U,

I made a few changes to the Backstreet Boys page.

Finally I changed the main page again; with a nice Halowe'en theme.

Oh! And one more thing: I now have a new address: it's http://all.at/nealj That should be easier to remember.


Sunday the 18th

Not much today.

Fixed a couple things on the Alanis Lyrics page.

Updated the credits.

Fixed a couple things on the main page.

Made a couple little updates on the Alanis page.

And a couple small things on the DC page.


Monday the 19th and Tuesday the 20th

I didn't have time to mention updates yesterday so I'll do it today.

Traffic report coming soon.

I put the MIDI to Thank U on the Alanis page. I also added a credit to MIDI Haven, which is where I got the MIDI.

On that some note, my Alanis Page has reached 1000+ visitors!!!!!!!

This is the second page to do so. Dawson's Creek did a few weeks ago.

On that note again, I added a few guest stars to the list on the DC page.


Wednesday the 21st and Thursday the 22nd

I didn't have time yesterday again, so these are the updates for the past two days:

First of all a whole bunch of my counters are not working. They just won't appear.

So anything that's there is probably a wrong number, but what can I do?

Oh well, anyway I made a couple of corrections on the BSB page.

I corrected a lyric on Thank U, I realised that kudo actually is the actual word. Oh well thank you everyone that said that.

I added a useless fact.

And finally I moved some of the counters a little higher, because if they do start working again, then maybe they will be more accurate.


Saturday, October 24th, 1998

Where has all the time gone??? Oh my. Anyway at least we get one more hour tonight (except for the poor Saskatchewonians (that was my attempt at a word for people from Saskatchewan)).

Anyway I added the Lyrics to the Grammy Version of You Oughta Know. (It's a little different from the original).

I also updated the Alanis links section, don't forget to catch her on SNL tonight!

Finally I made a few corrections etc on the DC page. I had Grams' last name as Lindley (logically the same last name as Jen), when it's actually Ryan. Oh well. I also updated the character page with plot stuff, as well as updating the guest star list.

Traffic Report for last week coming soon. All of my counters seem to have died. They only show up after hitting 'show picture' like a thousand times. I hope it's just my computer. *sigh*


Sunday, October 25th, 1998

I added the lyrics to Thank U performed live on Saturday night Live. Lyrics to Baba coming soon.

I also updated the Alanis news.


Thursday, October 29th, 1998

Wow I've been busy lately. A few days ago I gave up on the Beseen counters ever working, so I went and got a whole load of new ones from www.thecounter.com thanks go to them.

Anyway I updated the Alanis page a little, as well as adding a couple of pictures there.

I also updated the credits.

I would just like to thank here http://soaps.miningco.com for listing my DC pages in their list. (I didn't have to ask them, they just found it and voila!!!!)

Also Thanx to Infoseek for listing my Alanis page near the beginning of all the sites found when you search for 'Alanis Morissette'.

Anyway that's all for now


Friday, October 30th 1998

Devil's Night...... Ooh.

Wow I'll be moving into a new Updates page soon.

Anyway I updated the DC page a little, I'll be working a little bit on it soon. I have to work on my French independant though, so it might be hard!

Anyway that's about it, just make sure you catch Alanis performing an I & I live at the ChumCity Building, broadcast live on MuchMusic, Sunday November 1st. Also buy her new album November 3rd.


Saturday, October 31st, 1998

Finally Hallowe'en.

Anyway Updates today!!!!!!

The biggest update that I am totally proud to announce, is the lyrics to So Pure, Front Row, and U R (Still to be released on Tuesday). on the Alanis lyrics page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most likely the first on the Internet!

Anyway I put up the updates page for next month

I updated the links page, just to say the WebThumper MIDI's is being taken down next week.

I've been put on Yahoo! for my Push page!!!!!!!!

I have my own category, which I share with the abandoned official site!!!!!

Also my BSB page recently reached 1000 hits!

I updated the Alanis links.

As a result of the new updates page, I updated the site map.

I made a small update on the Friends page.

And that's it!!!!!!

3 days to SFIJ!!!!!!!


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